$250 Scopedog RC mech will have your inner child asking for money

A name like "Scopedog" and a shoulder-mounted missile pod are really all I need to fall in love with this mech from the '80s robo-action anime VOTOMS. The 1/24th scale Scopedog Turbo Custom stands just over half a foot tall, and it's controlled by remote. The 'bot can zip around as it performs its "roller dash," or fire its assault rifle. It's part of an effort by collectible manufacturer Yamato to commemorate the 25 year anniversary since VOTOMS was first on the air.

$250 seems like a pretty high sticker price, though that's what you pay for a collectible. At least this one can shoot its infrared rifle at other Scopedogs, which'll make the controller vibrate and play sounds. Can you really put a price on robots blowing other robots up?

Japan Trend Shop, via 7Gadgets