Zipper light, the patchwork quilt of lamps

When we think of lighting, we tend to think of fixtures in the ceiling, wall sconces and lamps. That's why we love John Niero's Zipper Silicone Luminaire, a light that shatters our expectations of what an illuminating device should look like. Made in the shape of a quilt (or at least part of one), the soft and flexible material has LEDs sewn into the fabric, sort of like that LED dress we saw a while back. Just like that dress, the LEDs create a diffuse effect, providing light without being too harsh.

The real innovation is in the quilt-like shape, though. The zippers on either side let you hang it up on zipper fixtures on your wall, attach several Luminaires together, or wrap it around things for an interesting circular effect. We could do without the cord hanging down (how about some batteries, John?), but we still like it.

Just Not Normal, via Unplggd