Wireless detector mounts inside football helmet, sends heatstroke alarm

Just in time to save some lives on football practice fields this summer, Hothead is a headband-like sensor fitted into helmets that transmits warnings to the coach's handheld device when players are getting dangerously overheated.

Developed by Atlanta startup Hothead Technologies and our corporate mommy GE, the RFID (radio frequency identification) transmitter sounds an alarm if the wearer's temperature rises to 102 degrees and stays that high for 20 seconds.

The tech could be useful for soldiers and industrial workers, too, but the main concern is football players, 33 of whom have died of heatstroke since 2005. Shipping in April, we're hoping football coaches will spring for the Hothead's $99 price per player, because a silly head-banging game is not worth dying for.

Via Technology Review