What happens when you lash together 24 solid-state drives? Mayhem in geek heaven!

Who says solid-state drives (SSD) aren't fast? Even though this is a marketing stunt by Samsung, we're still impressed nonetheless. These geeks hooked together 24 solid-state drives into a RAID array that totaled 6 terabytes, but the impressive part of this is the speed they achieved: 2GB per second. That's gigabytes, people!

Let's put this into perspective: a drive that can read and write data at speeds of 60MB per second is considered okay these days, so writing at 2GB per second is a fantastic speed. Impressive to geeks, yes, but to you and me, well, faster hard drive speed makes a computer feel a whole lot faster overall.

We were goofing around with an array of drives this weekend, and thought our 420MB/s speed was jaw-dropping when we lashed together six 72GB drives, each spinning at 15,000rpm. Silly us.

Via Engadget