Comment Spotlight: The best from of the week

Our writers read all of your comments, whether you're giving us a thumbs-up, dropping some new knowledge, oh-so-politely correcting a mistake, or trying to make us cry.

We've taken a look at the discussions evolving this week and here's the best of the bunch:

Steampunked original Xbox is questionable
"The original Xbox still makes a pretty decent media center PC. I agree, though, it needs brass, not gold, and an analogue meter of some sort would be better than the clock; overall, it looks so much better than the original black plastic, I'd give it a 'B+' for the concept." — Old Man Dotes

Man replaces lost finger with USB drive
"I'm not sure about storage, but I have something that doubles as an input device." — Paul

Lenovo Pocket Yoga netbook is slick and small
"It may not end up being that expensive, depending on it's capabilities. The Dell Mini 9 is pretty tiny for a laptop, but is pretty cheap too (a couple hundred bucks). I'd expect this to fall into a similar range unless it has a large capacity solid state drive in it." — PeterD

Mimi Switch turns your facial ticks into remote control commands
"What's with that freaky forked tongue?" — Evenevan

Japanese architects condense an entire home into a 3-meter-cubed space
"Hasn't this guy heard of a camper ? The question was answered by the real world consumers many years ago. Would someone please take him to the local RV Show." — TJPaladin

Apple previews iPhone OS 3.0, featuring cut, copy and paste
"Wow. Surprising how a 'list of new features' can be a surprising reminder of all the features that were MISSING from the iPhone, which were available in Windows Mobile. I didn't even think about many of those when coming up with iPhone v.s. WinMobile lists." — Rassah

HRP-4C robot ready to put human fashion models out of work
"Wow, I'm kinda scared actually after all the robot movies taking over the world. Here's the queen!" — Chihana