Week in Review: Gonzo green tech, Watchmen, iPhone apps & more

This week we saw some crazy green gadgets. Just check out this composter designed for your apartment, or a dehumidifier that also produces drinking water. There's also this hydrogen fuel cell tractor — HFC technology isn't just for sleek roadsters anymore.

We also saw the 10 best iPhone apps that do Photoshop tricks, and — with the movie out today — dug around for 7 tech goodies you'll see in Watchmen.

More top stories from the week:

SHIFT: Will the iPhone kill iTunes?
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Steampunk Cylon Design Contest: Help us build evil Victorian robots
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Roku/Netflix box now gives you 40,000 more titles from Amazon
Who knew a $99 box could do so, so much?

Sony's Cybershot DSC-HX1 is point-and-shoot perfection
Sony finds a sweet spot with its feature-laden, 9 megapixel camera.

Twin Parabolic Ski: The ski of the future?
Are four skis better than two?

Largest projector in the world used to create 100-foot Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan bares all in a promotional stunt for Watchmen.

Intel's shape-shifting programmable spheres let you play God
Take a look at "programmable matter," thought up by the geniuses at Carnegie Mellon.