Vision One Computer Workstation: built just for you, more comfortable than a Porsche

No, this is not a digital drum set. It's a Vision One Computer Workstation, configurable with padded armrests, speaker stands, mousing pads, mounting hardware for one to three monitors, and even a Porsche (or any other) car seat for your computing comfort. It's a custom-built system, so you can specify wooden tabletops, power-adjustable seating just like in a car, and lots of colors.

This redefines the whole idea of a computer desk. Who says your desk has to look like they did 100 years ago? You don't really need lots of tabletop space for computer use, so those adjustable circular tops make sense. Also, we can't think of a more long-term comfortable chair than a luxury car seat. Well, maybe this one might beat it, or this bed-mounted one.

The downside? Bring your moneybags, because this flagship model starts at $2600.

Via V1 Chair