Ulysse Nardin Chairman self-winding cellphone is so much more than steampunk

Earlier this month we featured top-end watchmaker Ulysse Nardin's self-winding cellphone. As intriguing and steampunky as the phone may have looked from the one promo picture featured, the full set of photos barely do the phone — expected to put a dent in the sales of high-end mobile company Vertu — justice. Named the Chairman, the phone's somewhat prosaic candybar design is offset by a slew of different colors and trims — all of them discreetly masculine, of course, but this is a Man's Mobile.

There's a touchscreen display and a cute little button that mimics the winder from the Swiss company's watches as well as a discreet fingerprint reader — just in case a serf gets his sticky little paws on His Master's Cell by mistake. Add to that a 5-megapixel camera, wireless and various e-mail and Internet applications, plus a guarantee for any internal and external repairs (should you drop it in your champagne bath by mistake), and you're a very happy rich man. The Chairman is scheduled to be available towards the end of 2009, but Ulysse Nardin still haven't given us the last laugh by revealing the price. Shame.

Via Sybarites