Twin Parabolic Ski: The ski of the future?

While I was skiing in Colorado this weekend, I had my first mid-hill collision, up-ending a kid while I was tearing down Jacque's Pique. Everyone was fine, but it might have been much worse if I had been on a snowboard. With two long skis to carve edges into the slope, I was able to slow down quickly enough at the last second to prevent a serious impact. On a snowboard, with only one edge on the hill, it would have been harder to control my speed.

Now imagine that instead of two edges, I had four. That's the idea behind the Twin Parabolic Ski. Built for racing, each ski is actually two skis in one, connected via hinges with the binding upraised in the middle. Now when I need to turn or stop, I've got four edges instead of two, giving me even more control over my speed. In that scenario, maybe there's no impact at all.

The Twin Parabolic Ski is the brainchild of Charlie Pyott, and it's more than just a concept. Pyott has actually built working prototypes out of refurbished skis, though there's no data on whether anyone's actually skied on them (the shots of skiers racing with them on his site are clearly Photoshops). But the concept sounds like it has a lot of potential, and considering skis today look completely different than models from 15 years ago, the Twin Parabolic could be the ski everyone's using in the future.

Charlie Pyott, via Yanko Design