Toyota to build Prius-based MR2 hybrid sports car

You remember the sporty Toyota MR2 roadster that died in 2007? That low-slung mid-engined two-seater will be reincarnated as a compact coupe with hybrid Toyota Prius innards. It'll pack sprightly performance into its lithe frame, with a 0-60 time of seven seconds, while emitting very little CO2 and getting a stingy 60mpg.

Sporty drivers will like its rear-wheel drive and paddle shifters, and its projected price ain't bad, either — ringing the register at about the same price as the Prius, around $24,000 before you start slathering on all the techno-extras. Electro-gas hybrid, sporty and relatively cheap (well, compared to the $109K Tesla Roadster)? Want.

Autoexpress, via Jalopnik