Timelapse Garden Video Camera, a weatherproof time machine

For those of us who want to watch the grass grow on our spring vacations, that lazy pursuit just took on a whole new meaning. This Timelapse Garden Video Camera can watch the grass grow for you, and after a few days you'll have fascinating high-resolution (1,280 x 1,024) video for playback on your computer.

Sure, you can do this with a digital camera — some models can even do it without a fancy attachment — but who wants to leave a delicate digi-cam out in the rain for months at a time? This one's weatherproof and has a battery that'll let it run for four months, stuffing 18,000 frames on its 2GB removable flash drive.

Flowers and gardens are all fair game for this time machine, but think of its other uses. How about setting it up in an inconspicuous location at a construction site? Clouds billowing by, or traffic on a busy street? Or shooting out your window for a year for a four-seasons video? Choose from six shooting intervals, from one pic every five seconds, to one every 24 hours. It's $159.95 worth of astonishment.

Oh Gizmo, via Hammacher Schlemmer