Pixel Sunscreen 2.0 keeps sun, prying eyes off your screen

Not everyone has the luxury of using their computer in their office, and anyone who's tried to work on a laptop in open sunlight knows how hard it is can be to see the screen. Think Tank Photo has a pretty good solution for this with their collapsible laptop tent called Pixel Sunscreen 2.0. Setup takes less than a second, as does folding it up. It's got a dark cloth to drop over the user's head when 3 walls don't block enough light. We think it'd be useful for people who are easily distracted too, not to mention paranoid weirdos who insist on doing their online banking at Starbucks. It's not made to be a weatherproof solution, but its ripstop nylon fabric would keep an otherwise annoying drizzle off the screen. It could be a total nightmare on a breezy day. Like many great inventions, using it will make you look like a total dork. We like it a lot, but at $70, darkness doesn't come cheap.