The Support Radio, an audio forum for Internet addicts

Called the "Blink and Support Radio," the collaborative project between Joe Malia and Daniel Goddemeyer creates a space for people who feel too caught up with Internet social networking, but find it hard to just drop it all. "The decision to make a lifestyle change is very much a personal one," Malia writes, "[the radio] enables people to record their thoughts and frustrations to other support radios. People can just listen… or respond directly to each other's messages with words of encouragement."

It sounds almost like a Twitter feed that you speak and hear. The Support Radio is just a conceptual project, though one that magnifies an interesting problem that may or may not exist on this level. Sure, every now and then we've probably all felt the need to stay away from whatever site we use to keep up with friends — but close it off altogether? It feels like trading an Internet social networking for a radio one.

That said, walkie-talkies rule.

Joe Malia, via Gizmo Watch