The tiltiest, shiftiest, sexiest lens you'll never own, Canon's TS-E 17mm

Tilt-shift lenses are among the priciest and most specialized lenses in the world of photography, and Canon has given birth to a brand new wide-angle version. Intended primarily for architectural use due to the ability of the lens to keep parallel lines from converging, lenses like this have become increasingly popular with art photographers who use them to turn reality into something that looks like a diorama. Olivo Barbieri is the godfather of the technique and uses a helicopter to get his shots. This lens will run about $2,500 when it appears in May. Its slightly less wide angle brother, the TS-E 24mm, will come in at $2,200 when it shows up as well.

We found an awesome gallery of 50 great examples of this type of photography and we're drooling at the thought of putting one of these on a 5dmkII and capturing some amazing full HD clips with it.