The Gamelatron: World's first robotic gamelan orchestra

Technically, the Gamelatron is the world's first and only fully robotic Gamelan Orchestra. Say what? This unique experience combines traditional Javanese and Balinese percussion instruments with computers. The drums and bells are struck by 117 computer-controlled mallets; the Gamelatron makes quite a powerful noise.

The latest project for the Gamelatron is Future's Stories of the Past, presented by The League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR) and composer Zemi:17, also known by his human name: A. Taylor Kuffner. Kuffner combines his years of living in Indonesia with his current experience with New York City underground DJ culture.

Kuffner uses his laptop computer running a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sequence that controls mallets that hit the percussion instruments. I don't know about you, but if I'm in Brooklyn this Friday night, I'm heading to the Galapagos Art Space to check it out.

Gamelatron, via Galapagos Art Space