Struktable: A Microsoft Surface table for the art world

What would Microsoft's multitouch Surface table look like if a bunch of artists designed it? Well, if the Struktable is any indication, it'd have a lot less of the functionality — you know, being able to surf the web and look at maps — but it'd have some awesome proprietary applications and a slick interface.

Gregor Hofbauer of Strukt describes the project:

My company "Strukt" brought its multitouch table, called "Struktable" to the 2009 TOCA ME design conference in Munich. People were invited to play around with 5 simple demo applications the entire evening. We gathered a lot of responses and are already working on implementing the feedback in our next applications.
Particularly of note is the way that the 70-inch multitouch surface gives the user feedback, circling your fingertip with a ring as you touch the screen. It uses infrared LEDs, an IR camera, projector and computer to make it all happen. Click Continue for a video of the Struktable in action.

Strukt, via Fubiz