Steampunk remake of War of the Worlds promises tripod-on-tripod action

How do you grab attention for your upcoming straight-to-DVD animated film? Say stuff like "1,500-foot-long armored zeppelins" and "steam-powered battle tripods." Oh, and "sex in the cockpit" probably didn't hurt, either.

War of the Worlds: Goliath promises all of that and more, according to a rough synopsis on the Heavy Metal Magazine Fan Page by director Joe Pearson:

It's an R-rated, retro-history, [1914 steampunk epic], fourteen years after the first failed Martian invasion. Mankind has rebuilt her cities and [the military is] adapting a lot of the abandoned Martian technology… Think of "Band of Brothers" meets "Star Wars"… It will be cool, steam-powered battle tripods, doomed Cossack cavalry charges, Victorian deco, steampunk Manhattan, 1,500-foot-long armored battle zeppelins, Teddy Roosevelt, souped up tri-planes, blood on steaming metal, sex in the cockpit. The usual… It will have a budget of around $3 million, and be produced by Tripod Entertainment… and is being co-produced by Kevin Eastman (owner of Heavy Metal).
Awesome steampunk robots? It's almost as if they've been reading DVICE. Goliath is scheduled for an early 2010 release, but, until then, feast your eyes on the awesome concept art below.

Heavy Metal Magazine Fan Page, via Botropolis