Steampunk Cylon Design Contest: The end is near

Dr. Manhattan might disagree, but all things must end, including our fun Steampunk Cylon Design Contest. We're entering the last few days where we'll accept entries, so if you're planning to enter, you'd best fire up Photoshop soon. Just hearing about this? Keep reading, stranger.

DVICE invites you to create a Steampunk Cylon, a 19th-century version of those genocidal robots from Battlestar Galactica. You can draw it, Photoshop it (or use whatever image editor you want), or even build it and snap a photo. Once you have your image(s), send it into by 12:01 a.m. on Monday, March 16. That's this Sunday night, folks.

You can read the full rules of the contest through the link below. Remember, even if you're not qualified to win (say, you live outside the U.S.), you can still get your Cylon featured on DVICE. We've got tons of great entries so far, but we're still waiting for yours. Come on — you can do better than the illustration above; you know you can. We anxiously await your submission. Submit!

DVICE Steampunk Cylon Design Contest