Steampunk Eye-Pod Victrola cleverly disguises working iPod

Here's some inspiration for those entering our Steampunk Cylon contest: that's a fully-functional first-generation iPod underneath that magnificent steampunk modification.

Doctor Grimm's Eye-Pod Victrola has a horn speaker that actually blasts out the tunes when you mount the elaborate music player on board. Gotta love that eyeball and its associated "eye-pod" humor.

Soon, the artist will unveil an accessory to this steampunk masterpiece, a "portable personal hearing apparatus." Then he'll wear the Eye Pod on his arm using that leather cuff in back, and when he gets back to home base, there's even a retractable USB cable for electrical replenishment. Can't wait to see the Nano version.

Steamgearlab, via Geeky Gadgets