SimpleMed pillbox: 'Hey, buddy, time for your meds!'

One of life's simplest helpers is the pill organizers. Folks use them for their daily prescriptions, or even to keep track of their morning vitamins. They're not perfect, though. Mainly, it's way too easy to forget to take the meds, and patients end up skipping a dose or dangerously doubling up to get back on schedule.

Vaica Medical has a better option. The SimpleMed system looks similar to the old-fashioned pillbox, but this version is a connected lifeline. A patient, pharmacist or health-care provider can fill the SimpleMed with up to four daily doses for seven days. The system is connected via phone to a monitoring center, notifying the patient with a visual and audible reminder that it's time to pop some pills. Hit the Continue jump to see a video of the system in action and some more details.

The SimpleMed sends back an "I'm alive" signal to the monitoring center when compartments are correctly opened and closed. Clever, if slightly macabre. The monitoring center will call you when they notice you haven't taken your pills after a selectable period of time and emit a loud tone if you open the wrong compartment. It will remind you of specific medication requirements, such as take with a meal. A log of your activities can be sent to doctors or care providers.

Sad to think that we all might need systems like this someday, but it's nice to know that when the time comes, someone's gonna be keeping track. The SimpleMed is a dignified way to stay healthy.

Vaica Medical, via MedGadget