Scosche solCHAT Bluetooth speakerphone lets you talk hands-free night or day

Now you can talk hands-free in your car and know that you're constant gabbing isn't doing anything nasty to the environment except adding your own noise pollution. Pair up this solar Scosche solCHAT with your Bluetooth cell phone, and it announces caller ID when you get a call, and charges up with the sun.

If it's nighttime or not sunny, you can charge up the $99 solCHAT with a car adapter just like all the other conventional Scosche Bluetooth speakerphones, or plug it into USB to replenish its batteries. But we'd much rather use that neat-looking solar panel on the back to juice it up, giving us that smug, green feeling.

Nothing complicated here — there's just three buttons on the thing: volume up, volume down and the answer/hang-up multifunction button — so aside from your distracted attention, you're relatively safe.

Via Scosche