Sanwa Throat Microphone: how the military does Bluetooth

Throat microphones, although popular in military and police applications, haven't quite caught on in the civilian ranks. Yet. The Sanwa Throat microphone might change that — if you can get past a few funny stares.

The Throat Microphone looks like a high-tech choker, but this collar places a microphone right up against the throat, eliminating most background noise. The concept works perfectly for military and motorcycles, so why not for noisy workplaces or making a call during a football game? The Sanwa model certainly looks less threatening than the ones the SWAT teams use, but for now, no word on pricing or availability. Also, we don't know how good they actually sound. Especially with a turtleneck on.

Sure it looks silly now, but how silly do folks look with Bluetooth headsets hanging off their ears? Somehow, that became acceptable, so this actually stands a chance.

Via Coolest Gadgets