Roku/Netflix box now gives you 40,000 more titles from Amazon

That little Roku/Netflix box just learned another neat trick: It can now snag 40,000 movies from Amazon's Video on Demand service. You can either buy movies for between $10 and $15, or rent them for between $1 and $4, and TV shows go for $2 apiece. Early beta testers find the selection satisfying, but complain about awkward scrolling through huge lists of titles.

Still, who knew a $99 box could do so, so much? Our only complaints: the Netflix library available on the Roku box is mostly lame with too few gems, and this Amazon service has no HD titles. Yet. But we're hearing rumblings that's about to change, and Netflix is also getting more serious about its Watch Now service, too. Consider this a preview of bigger things to come.

Via Obsessable