Prototype hydrogen fuel cell tractor is a step in the right direction

New Holland has a new tractor called the NH2 that enjoys zero emissions 100% of the time. It's powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which is nice to see as normally when we report on something like that it's being tossed into some super fast car that none of us could hope to ever drive (not that there's anything wrong with that). The NH2 also diverges from said super-cars with its performance — it's pulled along by 106 horses and only operates for around two hours on one hydrogen tank.

Still, it's just a protoype, and that kind of stuff can be improved on — and we'd like to see it improved in the industrial sector, especially. It'd be great to see zero emission dump trucks and cranes and other heavy-duty machines. As for the NH2, New Holland is still testing it and plans to bring out a commercial version within three years.

New Holland, via Inhabitat