Portable fireplace is part toaster, all toasty

Here at DVICE we've seen portable fireplaces before — even one that should have been called Flame-in-a-Jar. We've never, however, clapped eyes on one that looks like a cross between a magazine rack, a toaster (albeit a swanky design one) and a cigarette lighter (can't you see your kids fiddling with that flame control until it breaks?)

Its name is Vidro, made by German company Blomus. Built out of glass and stainless steel, it's fueled by gelled ethanol. Since ethanol produces no soot, smoke or ash, it's suitable for houses without a chimney. There's even a smaller version that, at just 22 inches, means you can put it on a shelf. They cost between $969 and $1,174, and I really hope the large one has little casters underneath it. How cool — and, yet, hot — a skateboard would it make without the glass walls?

Panik-Design, via 7Gadgets