Personal organizer with flexible screen: for designer-label nuts

I cling resolutely to my decade-old Hermes agenda. A tad longer and wider than an iPhone, it comes with a little stick-like pencil that acts as a fastener. It goes everywhere with me, and I'm convinced I'm faster on the draw at organizing my diary than smartphone users. It would take something really special — not even my iPhone has managed it — to give it up.

Designer Alexandre Fourn has come up with a very spanky design for an electronic diary, using flexible OLED and e-paper technology. Closed, it's about the same size as a smartphone. Snap it open and — voila! — your whole life is there in front of you, albeit slimmer and brighter than normal (something I've always aspired to). And then, of course, there's the little Hermes logo in silver that works as a clasp.

My only question to Monsieur Fourn would be: how the jiggins do you update it? As yet, there's no flexible OLED that's also a touchscreen. Perhaps it is meant to be synched from your existing organizer and then merely unfurled and shown off so poor saps like me can hanker after it.

Via Yanko Design