OnLive streaming gaming service points to the future of PC and HDTV gaming

Could this be the console killer that puts the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and even the Nintendo Wii out to pasture? OnLive thinks so, taking care of all the heavy graphics rendering on its monster servers up in the cloud, and delivering the goods to you lag-free as a video stream. But is it really as tight as the PR flacks claim? Those in the know say it "seems to work."

Use either your broadband-connected PC or Mac, or hook up your home theater with this shiny swanky piano-black set-top box packing ports galore (Ethernet, HDMI and USB). OnLive is saying the box costs "less than a Wii." Can you see where this subscription service is going? The future of gaming starts here, with OnLive launching later this year.

Via Kotaku