One aerospace company's scrap is another man's robotic sculpture

For both hobbyists and designers, there's an appeal in reappropriating salvage and scrap and turning them into things such as furniture or, in Rich Muller's case, sculptures of robots. He runs the website Guy Robot, which details his hobby:

I work in the aerospace industry in Los Angeles, and I've been making robots for a few years. Los Angeles is a good place for finding raw material, there are flea markets, swap meets, and countless garage sales every weekend… I build and photograph the robots, and my brother, Eric, comes up with the names and bios.
The end result is a gallery of robots, all with names and whimsical backstories.

Muller gets his parts from anywhere, from aerospace and avionics surplus suppliers to scrap heaps, and as such his robots come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Check out the gallery below for a few examples.

Guy Robot, via