Nordic Rock: Fred Flintstone's ice cube of choice

From the country that bought us Abba, smorgasbords, the Pirate Bay and Skype comes Nordic Rock: Ice cubes made of ancient Swedish pollution-free base rock. Pop them in your freezer to chill for about an hour before tossing them — gently, mind — into your glass when mixing yourself a drink. They come in packs of 10 and cost $23.

Nordic Rock works on so many levels. The cubes are ecologically sound — just rinse them under the tap after use — and they're good gifts for anyone with a large Korn and Pantera music collection, not to mention that special Neanderthal in your life. Just don't get over-excited at a party and start chucking them at your frenemies. As the product page puts so succinctly, "Stone does not melt."

Via Mocha