Seriously natural sound: Turntable made from wood

If Fred Flintstone had a really cool turntable, it was probably designed by Audiowood's Joel Scilley. This California woodworker creates custom unique turntables out of wood.

He can also build new platforms for vintage turntables from burlwood and other types. When starting from scratch, Scilley uses his own choice of tone arms, but his custom turntables can be fitted with spacing for any tone arm. Don't like anything in his collection? He'll work with clients to create their dream turntable.

Wood has been used in audio components for years. It's known for reducing acoustic resonances and vibrations, but rarely used in a way that's so visually appealing. There are many flashy turntables on the market, but the Audiowood turntables are natural works of art.

Audiowood, via MoCo Loco