Moneual unveils Korea's most expensive, jewel-covered personal computer

Moneual is joining the ranks of recession-defying companies by releasing what is perhaps the most expensive computer in Korea called the 701 Jewelry. Retailing at roughly $30,000, the device is covered in 3,554 Swarovski jewels, and housed in gold and brass panels.

Despite the fancy exterior, the cylindrical computer actually boasts some cool tech offering a 7-inch multimedia touchscreen display, ATI Radeon HD 4000 for HD video playback, a 500 gigabyte harddrive, internal speakers, a remote control, DVD-R, multimedia card reader, a wireless keyboard and mouse, Intel Core 2 Duo, and runs on Windows Vista. If you are an economic optimist, and you've got the extra greenbacks, it will be hard to resist this bit of digital eye candy.

Via Aving