Review: vReveal software miraculously cleans up even the messiest video

Say goodbye to blurry, shaky, grainy or too-dark videos with vReveal, video enhancement software that can clean up even the funkiest shots. We loaded it up and tried enhancing some messy videos from a point-and-shoot camera, and the improvement is nothing short of amazing.

The coders at vReveal have taken tech used in military and police work and brought it to the rest of us, letting you drastically clean up a video with one click, or dig in and tweak it until even the crappiest video looks squeaky clean. It even has a routine that makes it easy to publish your videos directly to YouTube.

It works on any PC, but if you have an NVIDIA graphics card, the rendering of your final results is sped up to about twice as fast. For example, with our NVIDIA card, it took about three minutes to clean up this one-minute clip, fixing the graininess, enhancing the contrast, and stabilizing the image enough to make it look like a Steadicam shot. This is a breakthrough, especially since the software costs a mere $50.

Via vReveal