Mimi Switch turns your facial ticks into remote control commands

Osaka University inventor Kazuhiro Taniguchi has just unveiled a new way of controlling your earphones called the "Mimi Switch." The unit's infrared sensors detect the movements your face makes when smiling, winking or changing your facial expression and translates those movement into digital commands. The mechanism also collects facial movement data and can be programmed to initiate certain functions if the wearer is smiling too little or too much, such as modifying your playlist to suit your current mood.

Add this development to bone conducting ear-mics and Bluetooth headsets, and we may soon live in a world where walking down the street, seemingly talking to yourself, while making silly faces is the norm. Although the Mimi Switch has yet to hit the commercial market, Taniguchi plans to intro a wireless version of the device in the next couple of years. Check out video of the Mimi Switch in action here.

Via PhysOrg