Microsoft's 2nd gen Surface, SecondLight, gets a second projector

Microsoft is playing it straight with the next generation of its Surface table. Called SecondLight, it will be just that — an upgraded Surface table with a second projector. The added projector will allow the Surface to layer one screen over another, so a satellite overlay could be projected onto a city map, or a render of a completed building over a set of blueprints, and so on.

In addition to the second projector, Surface 2 will also have higher definition cameras and infrared sensors that can interpret gestures, so you may not even have to touch the table at all. Really, though, it's that added projector that sounds exciting — but tossing a lot more of those in there would probably bump the Surface 2 up higher than its predecessor's already high $10,000 price tag.

If you forgot how fun it is to throw pictures around on the Surface, click Continue to see a video of just that.

Fast Company and BBC News, via Maximum PC