McIntosh's 60th anniversary system brings tube amps into the 21st century

If you're into high-end audio equipment, the chances are good that you're more than familiar with the name McIntosh. Known for years for producing super-high-end home entertainment equipment, it's been a top choice of the well heeled for decades. But they're besting even themselves with their latest release.

The McIntosh 60th Anniversary Classic System is a beauty. It's an updated version of two classic amps originally designed in the 60s but updated for today. You'll get the MC75 monoblock tube amplifier that is modeled after the original 1961 version and the C22 preamplifier, originally launched in 1962. If you're a sucker for tube amps and vintage electronics and have $15,000 to blow on an amp, you probably already have your credit card out. But hurry, because only 120 of these will be made.

Switched, Via BornRich