Mansory Veyron LINEA Vincerò: craziest, most exotic car in the world

At the worst possible time, Bugatti is waving around a car that costs so much, they're not even saying how many millions it would set you back. We offer the Mansory Veyron LINEA Vincerò here for your amusement, showing you just how grand the finest car in the world is capable of being. Never mind that Bugatti is only planning to build three of these beasts.

The gleaming polished aluminum with heaping helpings of carbon fiber jacks up the price considerably, as well as its specially tuned 8.0-liter, quad-turbo W16 engine that cranks out well over a thousand horses (okay, 1,109 to be exact). Heck, the stock Veyron costs well over a million bucks, so you can only imagine how much some trio of oil-rich sheiks will pay for this baby.

Let's just admire the LINEA Vincerò in the gallery below, knowing that for the price of three of them, GM could be saved from bankruptcy. And, to be more hopeful, we can hope that such exquisite tech will someday trickle down to the rest of us groundlings.

Via Jalopnik