Locus 3WAY pen has ink, pencil, eraser for $55; sleek clip is free

I don't know about you, but when I was in junior high school, those big honking pens that would change from red to blue to black ink were the bomb. All the cool kids had one. Those kids are all grown up now.

Japanese stationary designer Metaphys has designed a pen that kicks that old pen's butt. The sleek, trim Locus 3WAY pen, selling for about $55, has an ink pen, mechanical pencil and eraser — all just one click away.

While the triple design is certainly reason enough to pick up a pen like this, the designer thinks that the clip is the real deal.

"Writing items are personal objects, which reflect the personality of the owner. Most pens have only subtle differences in writing function. METAPHYS has therefore focused on how the pen's clip is displayed outwardly on a chest pocket. The stroke-like clip has become an icon representative of METAPHYS writing instruments."

Stroke-like clip? Whatever. Need lead? There is also a matching 2mm lead holder. The Locus 3WAY pen has it all.

Metaphys via MoCo Loco