Level 10: the inside-out PC from an alternate dimension

You might think you're looking at the PC of the future, but this prototype by BMW, DesignworksUSA, and computer case and fanmaker Thermaltake exists now. "Level 10" is on display at CeBIT, the world's largest computer expo going on now in Hanover, Germany.

We're guessing that hidden among all that stunning paraphernalia are connecting cables, and maybe even liquid cooling pipes. But then, with such an open design, perhaps ventilation is enhanced enough to be beyond needing such exotica as liquid cooling.

What a brilliant idea — let's stop hiding PC components inside boxes, shine them up in stainless steel and black air-directing shrouds, and leave those innards out in the open for all to see. The concept is similar to those lofts with all the exposed piping and ventilation ductwork. It's positively postmodern.

There's precious little info about this spectacular case design, so we have no idea when it might be available and at what price. We'll be visiting the DesignworksUSA studio in Los Angeles later this month, so we'll find out more details then. In the meantime, check out this gallery of the Level 10 on display.

Carscoop, via CrunchGear