Klipsch and Scoche promise VoiceOver earphones for iPod Shuffle

Now that Apple's unveiled its latest iPod that just happens to need special earphones in order to work properly, lo and behold accessory makers are tripping over themselves to make them. Today Klipsch and Scoche both announced they'd be releasing earphones compatible with VoiceOver, the new feature on the iPod Shuffle that lets you hear artist and song information. The in-line controls will include buttons for volume and track jumping since, you know, Apple decided not to put those on the player.

Scoche is first out of the gate, promising the three sets of earphones pictured this spring, all sound-isolating designs costing $50 to $100. The company also has plans for a VoiceOver adapter that will let you use any pair of headphones with the new Shuffle. Klipsch says it will have a Shuffle-based pair by summer for $100, though there are no further details than that.

Yay! More accessories to buy! Just what the economy needs. Let the facepalming begin.

Klipsch and Scoche, via Engadget