Kalorik Wine Cooler chills two bottles, monitors temperature with wireless probes

You think you've seen some fancy wine chillers, but this double-barreled Kalorik Wine Cooler is the coolest yet. It's smart enough to give you accurate readings of the wine itself, not the bottle. You uncork the bottle (or two) you intend to drink, insert a temperature probe and designate the optimum temperature, and this baby goes to work.

It doesn't stop there, though. You can take the bottles out of the cooler when it's time for dinner, but leave the wireless probes in the bottles' spouts, sealing in all that goodness while communicating the temperature back to the mother ship. As soon as the wine gets out of the ideal temp range, the chiller alerts you, telling you it's time to return the bottle to the cooler's chilly embrace.

Each of the cooling chambers can be set at a different temperature — cold for white wine, and cool "castle temperature" for reds. You can even quick-chill a bottle of Champagne for those impromptu drinking bashes, of which we are all so fond. With all this sophisticated tech, the thing's not cheap, but costs about as much as a couple of bottles of fine wine — a penny shy of $200.

Via Kalorik