JVC Everio X camcorder nails both super slo-mo HD video and stills

JVC just took one step closer to the do-everything video and digital camera with the Everio X GZ-X900. Not only does it shoot 1080p video, it's also a 9-megapixel still camera. It looks more like a camcorder than a still camera, and its palm-sized form factor is made of what JVC calls "premium materials."

Its coolest trick is the ability to shoot super-slo-mo video, overcranking to 600 fps to give you those surrealistic shots of our world slowed down to a crawl. That quick response comes in handy when it's shooting stills as well, snapping fifteen 9-megapixel shots every second. Eat your heart out, old-fashioned motor drives.

Look for the Everio X GZ-X900 to ship in June, at a hefty price of $1000 even. Not bad, considering all the wild things it can do.