Interactive billboards: Play games via cellphone on the biggest screen imaginable

Toshiba came up with a fantastically innovative way of publicising its new digital billboards in Japan recently. The electronics company turned one of its sites in Akihabara, Tokyo, into an interactive game site that was accessible through both one of Toshiba's YouTube channel, and via cellphone.

The screen displayed a phone number for passers-by to call. They could then take part in the game — something to do with covering the screen in paint more quickly than your opponents — using their cellphones as a gaming handset. Anyone playing over the Internet did it via one of Toshiba's YouTube channels. Anyone who fancies a minute of fame (and wasting a minute of their life on a basic paint job game) should check it out PDQ, as you can still play it on the Web.

Hit Continue to see how you'd play the game via cellphone.

Via Pink Tentacle