Gmail's Undo Send lets you recall your temper tantrums, no harm done

Remember that time you hit the "Send" button, and suddenly changed your mind, frantically clicking and closing stuff on your desktop in a futile attempt to stop your fiery diatribe? Funny how clicking one final button focuses the mind, after it's too late. Now those clever Gmail programmers have a little routine that fixes that, giving us "Undo Send," a Google Labs setting that lets you call back your emails. We've loaded it and tried it out for you.

After a quick enabling of the feature on the Gmail Labs Settings page, there it appears just after you send a message: Undo. And hey, it works perfectly. There's a catch, though — you can only recall an email for about five seconds. But this is a whole lot better than nothing. Thanks, Google! Now go figure out how to recall email messages 24 hours later and erase all memory of them.

Gmail users, find the experimental feature here, almost at the bottom of the page, and don't forget to click "Save Changes."

Via Lifehacker and Obsessable