Gruve measures movement, vibrates until you get up off your duff

Okay everybody, it's time to get up and start moving around, because that's what keeps your metabolism revved up and your weight down. Designers at Muve are making that easier with "Gruve," a device you wear that measures movement like a pedometer, but takes that idea a couple of steps further.

If you're just sitting there being lazy, it'll display an embarrassing color code for all to see. We're thinking that's red. Then, to be sure you didn't miss that color mocking your sloth, it starts buzzing like a beeper, nagging you to start a-"Muving" and a "Gruving."

It measures your movement in three dimensions, and then lets you know how much you can eat? Yikes, I already have a guilty conscience that'll do that for me. Would this design concept actually work? Well, just look at that comely model wearing the thing, and you tell me.

Worrell, via Core 77