Google sounds surprisingly out of touch in an attack on Twitter

Last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt commented on everything from the economy (which he called "pretty dire") to Android's jump from phones to other devices. In other words, stuff you'd probably expect. What came as a surprise was the curveball he threw at everyone's favorite micro-blogging website, Twitter.

"Speaking as a computer scientist, I view all of these as sort of poor man's email systems," Schmidt said. "In other words, they have aspects of an email system, but they don't have a full offering. To me, the question about companies like Twitter is: Do they fundamentally evolve as sort of a note phenomenon, or do they fundamentally evolve to have storage, revocation, identity, and all the other aspects that traditional email systems have? Or do email systems themselves broaden what they do to take on some of that characteristic?" He then went on to call Twitter's success "wonderful," but it all sounded a little backhanded.

In the end it seems as if he's asking if Twitter takes a step back to be more like Gmail, or if Gmail takes a step forward to include features that resemble micro-blogging. His point is further undermined by suggesting that Twitter and email occupy the same space.

After all, you can stalk your favorite video game journalist or basketball superstar on Twitter — hell, even DVICE — without being creepy.

Via Business Insider