Gallery: Here's what the insides of a Samsung LCD panel look like

We've all seen diagrams of how tube TVs work in school — who could ever forget hearing the term "electron gun" for the first time? — but modern TVs are more of a mystery, even to the curious. If you've ever wondered how they make those super-sleek flat-panel TVs so anorexically thin, you should get behind the wheel of your hybrid and speed over to the Samsung Experience in New York City, where you'll find on display a disassembled LCD TV, with the parts laid out like an exploded rendering.

The set is one of Samsung's latest, a 6000 series panel with an LED backlight. Though you'll see that "backlight" is a bit of a misnomer since the light source is actually along the sides of the panel. It's all laid out in layers, starting with the bezel and going all the way back to the LED light source.

The display will only be at the Samsung Experience in the Time Warner Center until the end of the week, so hurry! Can't make it? Browse the display in our gallery below.