Fancy NYC apartment building getting a personal car elevator

No matter how nice your NYC penthouse apartment is, here's something it doesn't have: an elevator to raise your car up to your personal, apartment-side garage. But one new building in Chelsea is getting just that.

200 Eleventh Avenue is boasting about its "En-Suite Sky Garage." Basically, when you drive in, you pull into a car-sized elevator. The elevator recognizes your car automatically and brings you up to your floor. You then pull forward into your garage, and the elevator goes back down. You then step out of your car and right into your apartment. Needless to say, these apartments will be insanely, insanely expensive. As in, 1 bedrooms start at over $3 million and the penthouses go up to $17.5 million. I'll park on the street, thanks.

200 Eleventh Avenue, Via Core77