Fallout 3 add-on yanked from Xbox Live due to unexpected exclamation points

If you were one of the many folks who eagerly downloaded Fallout 3's Pitt add-on from Xbox Live, you were in for a rude surprise when you actually arrived in the game's new area. The post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, now a slaver's city, is afflicted with mutant punctuation marks. I snapped the above picture to document the encounter.

For the time being, Bethesda has pulled The Pitt for an exclamation-point-ectomy, which they hope to finish shortly:

Our team is doing some final checks late tonight and if everything looks okay, we are hopeful it will be back up and available tomorrow.
This is the second time in a week that high-profile downloadable content was screwed up on Xbox Live. There's still no word on what happened to the South Central add-on for Midnight Club. Rockstar cited "an unforeseen bug" after it's release date came and went with no sign of it on Xbox Live, despite appearing for the Playstation 3.

Consider it a sign of the times. It used to be that games were broken all at once, when they first came out. Now that developers are focused on selling us stuff even after we've bought their games, there are that many more chances for things to be broken.

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