Factor001, world's most advanced superbike, to roll out tomorrow for $27K+

When the world runs out of gas, we'll all be riding carbon fiber bicycles, weighing 15.4 pounds and hooking our bodies up to telemetry systems that rival the space program. With The Factor001, we don't have to wait for such inevitabilities — if there's a spare $27,724 lying around, that is.

Designed by Formula One race car engineers at BERU F1 Systems, it's the most advanced bicycle in the world. You'd think it was a Ferrari, with its carbon ceramic brakes controlled by a hydraulic system, and then there's that flashy metallic finish. It's also packing a built-in GPS transmitter, and like a good Garmin Forerunner, gathers up "laboratory quality" biometric and performance data for you to peruse on your PC when you get home.

Besides all that, it looks so cool we thought it was some design-concept-y prototype bike. But no, it's rolling out at London's Science Museum tomorrow, ready for prospective buyers to be measured up for this custom-fitted machine of the future. Now if they can just bring that price down to $500 and put an electric motor on board, we're in.

Factor001 Press Release, via Inhabitat