Dog Brick canine toy is brain training for your pooch

Swedish dog trainer Nina Ottosson has turned product designer for a series of toys she claims will educate your pet as well as improving his or her brainpower. As the owner of a crazy dog called Mr. Jones — believe me, crazy doesn't really do him justice — I wondered if Ms Ottosson's Dog Brick toy would, indeed, be the thing that gets Jones a scholarship to Harvard or MIT, paving the way for a Nobel Prize in, say, a decade's time. I'm not pushy, by the way; I just think he's a genius with the potential to really be something.

Made of plastic, the Dog Brick hides treats beneath bone-shaped domes, with additional sliding compartments. The idea is that the dog sniffs the food beneath the bricks and then works out how to get them out. Design blog Yanko tested the $50 toy out on one of the writer's dogs, who got the idea PDQ, so round of applause there. Jones, I fear, would have lasted about 30 seconds before he decided on another course of action. Then it would have been off to the garage where I keep my drill before, protective goggles on, he would have gone in the hard way. You can see how Miko, the Yanko dog, gets on after the jump.

Nina Ottosson, via Yanko Design

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick from Long Tran on Vimeo.